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Making Money Online: How to Become an Article Writer

Maybe you’ve been wondering how to earn money online. Whether part-time or full-time or maybe you are tired of being employed and want to start something up. Also, it could be you love writing.

All that’s going on your mind right now is article writing, but there’s a problem; you just don’t know how to begin! Well, worry no more. That’s why I’m here to hold your hand and guide you on what you need to do to become an excellent article writer.

How to Become an Awesome Article Writer in 6 Simple Steps

Do you have your laptop/desktop and stable internet connection ready? Great. Now, let’s get started., let’s have a look at ways you can become an article writer. At the end of this article, I believe you’ll be ready to start your journey into article writing. Let’s dive in.

1. Get trained or self-train yourself

What better way to equip yourself with some knowledge than getting a trainer? Someone who has been in the field for a while, someone to mentor you. That’s the first step. But if you can’t get someone to train you, there are so many online courses available or, better still, make social media your right-hand partner.

Everything you need to know about article writing is available on social media. There are so many video tutorials on YouTube, reading magazines, or even Googleing the information. It is readily available online. Training will help you get the basics of article writing.

2. Settle for a niche that you love

One of the best things you can do as a writer is to settle for a niche and choose one that you are very comfortable with, one that you love. Why am I saying this? You won’t have to research it as you are already familiar with the topic, and believe me, it won’t feel like work because you are doing something you enjoy.

Some of the most preferred niches we have are; travel, health, fitness and diet, parenthood, relationships and family, automobile, etc. In this field, you won’t lack something that excites you as a writer. Once you find it, please settle for it and write your heart out.

3. Write great samples

Before you can proceed and start looking for gigs, you’ll need to create your samples to become your portfolio. These samples need to be outstanding in that when a potential employer reads them, they will want to hire you immediately. Don’t just copy someone’s work, as that is known as plagiarism, and no employer will want to hire you with such content.

Write samples for that niche that you love. They should be unique and original. Please make sure the samples your client will read are what they’ll get once they hire you or even better. The samples will show how a good writer you are. They will sell you.

4. Pitch Pitch Pitch yourself everywhere

Now that you’ve trained, settled for a niche, and have great samples that will speak for themselves. You already know what it entails to become an article writer; it’s time to start pitching. And you are wondering where to start from? I got you! That’s why I’m here.

It’s time to reach out to those websites and companies you’ve always wanted to work for and show them how beneficial your services will be. Show them how much they can’t do without your services or instead how much they need you.

You can also pitch yourself on social media, so many employers are available there as well. Look for freelancer marketplace sites as well and pitch. It’s all about pitching and more pitching; even after you get customers, you’ll still keep on pitching for more.

5. Set up a website or blog

As a writer, you’ll be needing this. Can you imagine having your own space to write, share and get feedback? It’s amazing.

Well, that’s what you can do in your blog or, better still, a website to serve as both a space for blogging and an online portfolio to share with your prospective clients.

Don’t let it stress you if you wonder how much it will cost you, as you can set up your blog for free at WordPress. But later on, when things start getting better for yourself, please invest in your website and blog. It will be more beneficial in the future.

6. Continue honing yourself always

Now you sure feel like a great writer, don’t you? You’ve got all the basics you need for article writing and even getting clients. How exciting to receive some dollars in your account? I know that feeling.

As a writer, don’t relax yet. It’s not yet time; in fact, writers never relax; why? It would be best if you kept on honing yourself with some knowledge.

Take some courses, and read and follow industry magazines and blogs in the same niche as yours. Please sign up and use social media to keep yourself updated on what’s trending in the article writing world.

There’s something new to learn every day. Follow fellow writers on Facebook, Twitter, medium, and other platforms you love. A great article writer is an informed one and delivers quality work.

The Bottom Line: Enjoying making money online

Getting started is usually one of the most challenging things, but you’ve got to start. It’s not easy though, nobody said it’d be easy, but the road to writing is worth taking. Article writing is one of the most creative outlets.

And also fun, as well as providing income, and best of all, you don’t need much money to get yourself started. You also work on your own schedule, with no supervision; you are your own boss.

Get yourself some training, settle on your favorite niche, write samples, create your portfolio, and look for those customers. Deliver pure gold and get yourself paid. Pitch more, get more customers, write as if your life depends on it, and get more dollars. Yes, It’s that simple. The sky is the limit for the article writers.

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