How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11[Step By Step Guide]

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

Many people struggle with figuring out how to uninstall WSL on Windows 11/10. WSL is the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Its primary usage is to enable Windows systems to run Linux file systems without setting up virtual machines. It comes with other Linux command-line tools and the Graphical User Interface.

WSL file system is separate from the main Operating System as it comes as a standalone app. This means you can update it without affecting the other apps.

One of the main advantages of WSL in Windows 11 is that it increases the compatibility and performance of files in the system. The new WSL in Windows 11 is a significant overhaul of the previous WSL as it comes with more improved features.

The tool was mainly made for programmers, web developers, and software developers who mainly use Linux environments for development and deployment. It is one of the productive tools for them. They can use the Linux bash shell to navigate the file system without struggling, provided they know the commands.

WSL promotes fewer resources from memory and CPU than virtualization, consuming many resources.

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

Installing WSL has been more accessible, but many people struggle to remove them from Windows 11 or Windows 10. Machines can install several WSL distros, e.g., Debian, Linux, Ubuntu, and all of them have ways you can install and uninstall them.

If the WSL is not running efficiently or has errors, you can destroy it and run it afresh. There are several ways of uninstalling WSL in Windows 11. We shall cover them below.

1. Use of App Settings.

It is the easiest way of uninstalling WSL. Most of this applies to the distros directly downloaded from the app store. Navigate to the settings of Windows 11 by searching settings in the search bar.

Go to the Apps section and click on Apps and Features. Select the Linux distro installed on the machine and click on the Uninstall icon. Click on the uninstall again.

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

2. By disabling Windows Subsystem

Head over to Windows 11 settings and select apps. Click on the optional features more than other Windows features.

Open the control panel to access Windows Programs and Features settings, search for Optional features, and run it. Select the Windows subsystem for Linux and click ok to turn it off and restart the machine.

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

3. Uninstall WSL by use of Linux Update

Open the settings page on your machine, locate the Apps tab, and click on Apps and Features.

Select the windows to update the Linux system from the options and click Uninstall. It removes the WSL from Windows 11.

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

Click on the Uninstall button again to complete the process.

4. Using Powershell

Using PowerShell to uninstall WSL in Windows 11 is more straightforward and fast than other methods. It is better since it doesn’t leave any traces back during uninstallation. We achieve it using the following steps:

Open the Powershell on your machine, type the following command: wsl -l -v. and click enter.

How To Uninstall WSL On Windows 11/10

This command will show you all the distros located on the machine.

Next, after knowing the type of Linux distro installed, if it’s Debian, Linux, or any other. After knowing the type of distro, type the following command on the terminal: wsl –unregister (distro name) followed by the Distro name.

It removes all the data associated with the distro without leaving any trace. After a few minutes, all the distro files will be removed.

Windows Subsystem For Linux Is Very Important

WSL has reduced the hassle of virtualization and struggled with dual booting, leading to machine cracking and losing files. It has made it easier to use Windows and a Linux distro without struggling. That is, it was a significant boost, particularly for those pursuing a career in technology.

It has saved a lot of money, and it will continue to be updated to make it more user-friendly.

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